Code Labs One

Code Labs One is a course designed to introduce participants to computer programming, using popular programming languages. This innovative 24-week program immerses participants in the fundamental skills entry-level programmers need to begin successful careers. The program’s success is based on the quality and relevance of the teaching fellows who are professional software developers themselves, insight from local tech leaders, the practical curriculum, and the direct involvement of local tech employers.

All participants complete the same core curriculum during Units 1 and 2. In Unit 3, participants get the chance to learn in-demand skills as they develop a project under the guidance of a local employer:

Code Labs Two - Coming Soon!

Code Labs Two is an immersive program that builds upon the skills learned during Code Labs One. Participants learn more intermediate-level skills, focusing on items such as API’s, designing larger systems, service classes, model callbacks, background jobs, consuming external API’s, state machines, code optimization, etc. using the languages such as Angular and JavaScript.

Code Labs Two is coming soon! Keep an eye on this page for more information.


Graduates from Code Labs have the opportunity to continue towards a path of employment through on-the-job training by completing quality assurance and pair programming assignments for startups that have technology being developed by Codefi Labs. This part-time paid position involves creating user journeys for startups to test their applications, finding bugs, and pair programming with senior developers to address those issues.